The new menu includes hot-pots, vegan k-dogs, rotis, gochujang rice bowls and dessert options

They’re spicy, they’re sticky, they’re a little bit sweet – and they’re set to become the next big thing in food.

From Seoul to Gwangju, Kate Quilton and John Whaite go on an incredible journey to unearth the origins of the K-foods that have exploded in popularity in recent years, including Korean Fried Chicken, Gochujang sauce and kimchi.

Nearly one in six Brits have picked up Korean ingredients from the supermarket - with Korean fried chicken named as the dish they are most likely to have tried

Last year's Jongga Flavourverse pop-up in London has clinched not one, not two, but THREE prestigious awards at the 'Campaign Experience Awards'! 🥳🏅