Fried chicken, kimchi, and bibimbap are some of the culinary favourites to come out of Korea, according to Brits.

A survey of 2,000 UK adult found that 15% have picked up some Korean cuisine when doing their supermarket shopping – with Korean fried chicken (68%), and kimchi (55%) among the dishes they are most likely to have tried.

Others have sampled bulgogi (28%), a marinated and grilled beef, or bibimbap (34%), a dish consisting of mixed rice with meat and veg.

And with one in three claiming to be “fascinated” by Korean culture, 38% became interested in the East Asian nation due to it's bold flavours.

In the past year, one in five Brits have tuned into Korean TV shows (21%), or films (15%) – with the Netflix show, Squid Game, topping the list of their favourite exports from the country.

The 2016 action-horror film, Train to Busan, and 2020 Oscar-winner, Parasite, also made the top 10 list. And so did South Korean football stars, Park Ji-sung and Son Heung-min, who have graced stadiums across the UK over the years.

The research was commissioned by KIA, ahead of Korean New Year this weekend. And the South Korean car manufacturer teamed up with celebrity chef, Judy Joo, who hails from the East Asian country – to showcase how she made one of the nation's favourite dishes, using only an electric car.

Judy Joo said: “Korean culture has taken the UK by storm – whether it’s the music we listen to, the TV we watch, or the cars we drive.

“It’s the unique blend of centuries-old traditions, and contemporary trends, which has resonated in a society seeking diversity and authenticity.

“This is why I was excited to take on the challenge to create my ultimate Korean fried chicken using a car – combining a beloved and traditional recipe, with the ingenuity of the vehicle.”

Of the 47% who have noticed a recent increase in Korean culture, 42% are keen to visit the country and experience it first-hand – as 15% declared it to be the global culture they are most interested in.

The research, conducted via, found that over a third (36%) have found it exciting learning more about Korean culture, as 43% recognise the influence it is having on global trends.

And 39% were first attracted to Korean culture due to the country's clever tech, while it resonated with 36% due to the style being unique and diverse – and 32% were initially engaged by the high production quality.

Judy Joo added: “Korean food in particular has become a global sensation, and the hype is real.

“Korean dishes are all about the distinctive and vibrant flavours, colours, and heritage, hitting you with an incredible combination of sensations – whether you're digging into a bowl of bibimbap, or getting down with some Korean BBQ. And the variety is immense, from street food, to rich, bold flavours – it's a foodie's dream.”


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  2. Korean fried chicken
  3. Korean BBQ
  4. Kimchi
  5. Parasite (film)
  6. Son Heung-min
  7. Park Ji-sung
  8. Train To Busan (film)
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